Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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On-Airport Development

An occupier of Archerfield Airport is obligated under the Airports Act to gain all necessary approvals for building and construction work prior to the commencement of the work. Both the Government Airport Building Controller (ABC) and Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) must be notified. This process ensures all works are consistent with the Airport Master Plan, the future planning objectives of AAC, the current infrastructure and operations of the airport and the Building Code of Australia.

This includes all building activities/development and other construction activities including alterations to hangars or buildings. Minor alterations and repairs do not require formal application but must be brought to the attention of AAC and the ABC. A permit to commence works (PERCOW) approval and induction by AAC is required before commencing works. A Certificate of Compliance from the ABC must be gained prior to occupying and/or using a building following any works.

AAC induction:

AAC forms:

(NOTE: We recommend that you read the Building Activity/Development Approval Process Flow Chart first)

ABC guidelines including application form:

ABC Fee Structure: - Refer to guidelines above.

AAC Fee Structure:

Estimated Cost of Building/Development Activity AAC Application Fee (ex GST)
Under $10,000 $150
$10,000 - $100,000 $300
Over $100,000 $500 + 0.1% of the balance in excess of $100,000


Below is a list of the current building applications for Archerfield Airport published in accordance with the requirements of r2.04A and r2.04B of the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996.


Name of applicant

If AAC is the applicant, date of submission to ABC

If AAC is not the applicant, date AAC received the application

Description of proposed building activity

Location on Airport

AAC decision (consent, refusal)


ABC decision (consent, refusal, deemed refusal, withdrawal)





demolition of existing buildings

Sites 111 & 112, Ditchmen Ave



Demolition Approval issued 24/06/11

Pickles Auctions



construction of hardstand and chainwire fence installation

Site 700, Beatty Rd

consent granted


Building Approval issued





demolition of existing buildings

Site 503 Boundary Rd

consent granted


Demolition Approval issued


Bond Air Charters



tencancy fitout to form offices

Hangar 411 (2) Wirraway Ave

consent granted


Building Approval issued

Qld Urban Utilities N/A 17/03/2011 upgrade sewer pump station Site 677 Beaufighter Ave consent granted 29/03/2011 Application Assessment issued 17/03/11
AAC 06/06/2011 N/A Stage 1 structural works (internal tenancy works only) Hangar 411 (1) Wirraway Ave N/A N/A Building Approval issued 23/08/11
AAC 06/06/2011 N/A Stage 2 structural works (internal tenancy works only) Hangar 411 (1) Wirraway Ave N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 13/09/11
AAC 06/06/2011 N/A Final stage (external civil works) Hangar 411 (1) Wirraway Ave N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 29/09/11
Aircraft Parts and Storage N/A 16/08/2011 Internal office and storage installation Hangar 117, Ditchmen Ave consent granted 26/08/2011    
Hansen Yuncken N/A 08/08/2011 infrastructure works Boundary Precinct, Boundary Rd consent granted 11/08/2011 Building Approval Issued 20/10/11
Brisbane Aero Engineers N/A 25/08/2011 external awning installation Building 108, Ditchmen Ave consent granted 29/08/2011    
AAC 05/09/11 N/A construct gravel hardstand area Lot 25, Beaufighter Ave N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 22/09/11
Veolia N/A 07/09/2011 install weighbridge and ticket box Site 674, Beaufighter Ave consent granted 07/09/2011 Building Approval Issued 22/09/11
AAC 09/11/11 N/A new office building, warehouse and associated site works for Aviall Sites 111 & 112, Ditchmen Ave N/A N/A Stage 2 Building Approval Issued 13/01/12
Philip Atkinson N/A 10/11/2011 Vehicular roller door and solar panel installation Hangar 403, Wirraway Ave consent granted 31/05/2012    
Alex Fraser QLD N/A 14/11/2011 remediation of drainage, sediment dam reconstruction Site 670, Beaufighter Ave consent granted 15/11/2011 Building Approval Issued 30/11/11
AAC 22/11/11 N/A new electrical infrastructure installation along Wirraway Avenue Wirraway Avenue N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 24/11/11
Hansen Yuncken N/A 18/08/2011 lighting and associated infrastructure works Boundary Precinct, Boundary Rd consent granted (updated) 28/11/2011 Building Approval Issued 30/11/11
Energex N/A 15/12/2011 infrastructure works Qantas Ave consent granted 19/12/2011 Building Approval Issued 12/08/13
AAC 09/02/2011 N/A construction of gravel hardstand Site 15, Beaufighter Ave N/A N/A Works Permit Issued 13/04/12
Miriam Gleeson N/A 28/04/2012 internal office refurbishment Building 621, Lores Bonney Drive consent granted 01/05/2012 Building Approval Issued 31/05/12
AAC 09/05/2012 N/A stairway & light installation between adjoining sites Lot 15 & 25 Beaufighter Ave N/A N/A Works Permit issued 27/06/12
AAC 05/12/2011 N/A carpark and associated external lighting Sites 111 & 112, Ditchmen Ave N/A N/A Stage 3 Building Approval issued 23/05/12
EMQ N/A 23/05/2012 internal office upgrades Site 412 consent granted 01/06/2012 Building Approval issued 02/07/12
AAC 04/06/2012 N/A roadworks Beaufighter Ave (east) N/A N/A Building Approval issued 05/07/12
Hansen Yuncken N/A 25/06/2012 removal of demountable office Site 110 Consent granted 26/06/2012 Demolition Approval Issued 26/06/12
Keith/ Newnham N/A 19/06/2012 demolition of hangar Site 644 Consent granted 02/07/2012 Demolition Approval Issued 02/08/12
AAC 20/07/2012 N/A chainwire fence installation Lot 15, Beaufighter Avenue N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 18/07/12
AAC 23/07/2012 N/A chainwire fence installation Site 644 N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 02/08/12
Dugan and Hede N/A 22/08/2012 construction of shed Site 654 Consent granted 24/08/2012 Building Approval Issued 12/09/12
Rapair Maint. N/A 03/08/2012 removal of demountable office Site 007, Grenier Drive Consent granted 29/08/2012 Demolition Approval Issued 31/08/12
Ausco Modular Pty Ltd N/A 25/10/2012 erection of fence Sites 513 & 514 Consent granted 30/10/2012 Building approval issued 30/11/12
Ausco Modular Pty Ltd N/A 26/10/2012 removal of demountable offices Site 514 Consent granted 30/10/2012 Demolition Approval issued 09/01/13
Urbis N/A 18/01/2013 Telecom facility alterations / additions Site 302 Consent granted 08/02/2013    
The Shell Company of Aust. Ltd. N/A 08/02/2013 Installation of a/g Jet A1 tank and related infrastructure Site 120 Conditional consent granted 22/02/2013 Building approval issued 04/06/13
Daedalus Aviation N/A 21/02/2013 Installation of briefing rooms Site 605        
AAC 12/06/2013 N/A Fencing and speed platform

Beaufighter Ave (east) & Sites 679/680

N/A N/A Building Approval issued 11/07/13
Q-Crete N/A 26/06/13 Installation of Water Tank Site 673 Consent granted 27/06/13    
APS N/A 10/07/13 Stockpiles & stormwater treatments Site 668 Consent granted 12/07/13 Building Approval issued 06/05/14
AAC 18/06/13 N/A Fencing Site 505 N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 30/07/13
Miengrove N/A 06/08/13 Refurbishment Level 1 Terminal Bldg Site 28 Consent granted 08/08/13 Building Approval Issued 24/03/14
AAC 30/08/13 N/A Modifications levels 1 & 2 Building 9 N/A N/A Stage 2 Building Approval Issued 18/02/14
Poolhurst Aviation N/A 17/09/13 Internal office installation Hangar 401 Consent granted 30/09/13 Building Approval Issued 25/10/13
Pakka Earth moving N/A 01/10/13

Installation of two demountables

Site 508 Consent granted 02/10/13 Application withdrawn  
AAC 17/10/2013 N/A

Construction of boulder retaining wall

Site 674 N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 15/11/13
AAC 23/10/2013 N/A

Installation of underground wiring

Qantas Ave N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 06/07/14
BP Truckstop N/A 04/11/13

Adblue UST & associated infrastructure

Site 450/451 Consent granted 11/02/14 Building Approval Issued 20/06/14
QPS N/A 28/11/13

Office Fitout

Site 411/4 Consent granted 06/12/13 Building Approval Issued 19/02/14

Transport Engineer.

N/A 20/03/14

Installation of Awning

Site 665 Consent granted 26/03/14 Building Approval Issued 04/07/14


23/05/14 N/A

Internal Demolition & Building Works

Hangar 6 N/A N/A

Demolition Approval Issued

Stage 1 BA Issued

Stage 3 BA Issued





16/06/14 N/A

Installation of AAC signs

Various locations on airport N/A N/A Building Approval Issued 05/08/14

Basair Aviation College

N/A 12/11/14

Tenancy Fitout

Building 9 Consent Granted 12/11/14 Building Approval Issued 28/11/14

QLD Gvmt Air

N/A 27/02/15

Mezzanine & Paint Room

Site 412 Consent Granted 09/03/15 Building Approval Issued 27/04/15


01/04/15 N/A Internal Demolition & Drainage Works Hangar 5 N/A N/A Demolition Permit Building Works Approval 27/04/15

QPS Helicopter

N/A 22/09/15 Installation of concrete pad and generator Hangar 411/4 Consent Granted 29/09/15 Building Approval Issued 16/11/15

Redstar Transport

N/A 11/02/16 Installation of demountables Site 501 Consent Granted 22/02/16 Stage 1 Approval Issued  26/04/16 


N/A 03/03/16 Installation of overhead crane Hangar 6 Consent Granted 07/03/16

 Building Approval Issued

26/04/16 (Stage1)



03/05/16 N/A Road widening & new intersection Transition Estate Consent Granted 28/04/16 Building Approval Issued 19/05/16

Granite Lodge

N/A 27/09/16 Hangar door & apron widening Hangar 643 Consent Granted 29/09/16 Building Approval Issued 02/11/16




N/A Civil works, heli parking, hangar doors Site 676  Consent Granted



 Building Approval Issued

Stage 1

Stage 2 

Australian Country Choice

21/11/16 N/A Installation of roller door Site 110 Consent Granted 22/11/16 Building Approval Issued 

Stage 1

Nick Karp

N/A 19/12/16 Demolition of Hangar Site 208 Consent Granted 20/12/16 Demolition Authorisation



20/04/17 N/A Demolition of internal fitout Hangar 003 N/A N/A Demolition Authorisation  19/05/17 


N/A 30/06/17 Install of water tanks and pad Site 673 Consent Granted  12/07/17  Building Approval Issued   11/10/17

Brisbane Aero

N/A 04/07/17 Demolition of structures Site 108 / 109  Consent Granted 28/08/17  Demolition Authorisation   04/10/17