Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Leasing Opportunities

Hangar 003Fantastic exposure to very busy Beatty Road, internal demolition completed and ready for your fit-out. 

  • New roof - 2017
  • 4 Sliding hangar doors – door height currently 4.1m approx.
  • Area – approx. 1773m2

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Building 20 Building 20 - Office / Administration 

Recently refurbished stand-alone office accommodation located in the heart of Archerfield Airport just off Beatty Rd and near the Terminal Building. This office building presents well as a suitable corporate location and can easily accommodate up to 15 staff. Surrounding uses include aviation and training related businesses associated with the Airport. The property has great access to major arterial roads.


Aeroport 227 Aeroport located in the Beatty Rd Precinct.

  • Steel cladded walls with chain wire security gates
  • 14m width x 10m length x 3m height to ceiling with 4m height to apex
  • Hardstand with central concrete and gravelled sides
  • 180m2 site

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Hangar 214 (Bay C)Older styled hangar, steel frame, metal clad.

  • Western bay - 212m2 (approx.)
  • Structure: Older style hangar building, with steel frame, metal clad, tin wall cladding. Each bay separated by chain wired fence
  • Hangar doors: Height - 3.5m to 4m (approx.), opening - 12m (approx.). Middle & Western Bay doors open together.
  • Airside access only

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Hangar 214 (Bay C)Ideal for Emergency / Aeronautical Services / Defence and General Aviation.

  • 832 m2 Site (approx.)
  • Southern Precinct
  • 807 m2 hangar with hangar doors sized to 6m high 

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Large hangar adjacent Beatty Rd and with direct access to the main Runway

Hangar 642

  • 532 m2  (approx.)
  • Gruman Place off Beatty Road, Archerfield Airport
  • Dimensions: 18m x 28m (approx.)

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Hangar 634Dimensions of 30m x 15m x 6m and hangar structure include an all steel, low rise aircraft hangar on concrete slab on site area 493 m2. Plus adjoining concrete area is 750m2 for storage of aircraft only.



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Hangar - Site 110 Maintenance facility / Aircraft storage

  • Hangar dimension (approx.): 1,200 m2
  • Width: 29.5m
  • Depth: 26.5m
  • Height: 5.3m
  • Hangar: 29m x 5.3m with cut out roof line for larger aircraft tail of approx. 7.4m

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