Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Draft Master Plan 2011-31

The Preliminary Draft Master Plan 2011-31 (pdMP), incorporating the Preliminary Draft Airport Environment Strategy 2011-16, was open for public comment beginning 15th December 2010 and concluded on 18th March 2011.

Archerfield Airport Corporation received over 1000 responses during and immediately following the exhibition period. The Corporation took all submissions into account in formulating the Draft Master Plan and Environment Strategy which was submitted for the assessment and approval of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

The following issues were consistent throughout the local community feedback. Responses to each of these issues and changes to the Draft Master Plan (dMP) as a result of these, can be viewed by clicking on the link to the relevant issue.

In addition to the issues above, the dMP also clarified a number of technical details in the Plan, including (but not limited to): numbering of the proposed realigned runways; the location of aviation infrastructure; a commitment by AAC to formulate an appropriate infrastructure agreement with BCC addressing impacts of on-airport developments; identification of potential future improvements to navigational aids; location of proposed bicyle/pedestrian paths and contact details for noise complaints. 

Further material that was availlable during the consultation period can be accessed via the articles below.

Master Plan 2011-31

Part 1: Context, vision and plans for the future


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High resolution (34Mb)



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Low resolution (12Mb)



Part 2: Environment Strategy 2011-16


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