Monday, July 13, 2020

Pavement Concession

Pavement Concession

If you require a pavement concession for your operations into Archerfield Airport, please complete the form below and forward it to Archerfield Airport Corporation with a minimum of 24 hours notice (that is one business day minimum) for us to complete our assessments.

Archerfield Airport pavement concessions cover approvals from the aspect of pavement strengths and surface characteristics only. Any concession given may be withdrawn at any time on short notice should significant pavement damage occur. If a concession is given it will be on the condition that Archerfield Airport Corporation will not accept any liability for any damage to the aircraft or its occupants that may result from the aircraft exceeding the published pavement rating and any other published limitations for operational surfaces and facilities.

Archerfield Airport is Brisbane's secondary airport and Queensland's major centre for general aviation activities.

Located just 11kms from the Brisbane CBD and in close proximity to Stradbroke, Moreton and Fraser islands, Archerfield Airport has become a favourite destination for corporate aircraft, charter, flying training and all kinds of maintenance requirements.

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