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Archerfield Airport Master Plan (2017-2037)

The Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, approved Archerfield Airport’s Master Plan (2017 – 2037) on 15 July 2017.

The Plan aims to ensure the airport continues to evolve into a modern, world-class facility and remains the focus of general and corporate aviation in South East Queensland. Key features of the Master Plan include:

  • alterations to the main runway and associated infrastructure, including lighting and visual aids, to enhance and modernise facilities for existing aircraft operations;

  • the realignment of the grass runways, moving them away from low lying, flood-prone areas and improving the airport’s capability to provide world-class training facilities and safer training operations;
  • in line with previous operations and previous master plans, the 2017-37 Plan continues to make provisions for the reintroduction of Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) services should the community want them in the future. It is anticipated that aircraft capable of carrying up to 80 passengers may operate from the airport up to 24 times per day (12 arrivals and 12 departures). Likely future RPT flight paths can be found on figures 5 and 6 of the Plan;

  • provisions for modern facilities to cater for the anticipated future growth of aviation within South East Queensland and to provide opportunities for warehouse, logistics and manufacturing businesses to relocate their operations to the heart of Brisbane’s much sought after South West Industrial Gateway; and
  • options for improvements to surrounding roads, noise issues, airport protection and potential precinct layouts are also canvassed within the Plan.

Some of the developments proposed within the Master Plan 2017-37 are subject to further Ministerial approval by means of a Major Development Plan (MDP). These developments, including the lengthening of the main runway and the realignment of the grass runways, will provide further opportunity for stakeholders to provide input prior to submission of the MDP to the Federal Minister. Stakeholders wishing to be kept informed of upcoming developments and MDP announcements are encouraged to subscribe to the AAC e-newsletter by phoning (07) 3275 8000 or entering their email details in the green box on the following page.   


AAC operates the Archerfield Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (AACACG) which meets three times a year to discuss matters affecting Archerfield Airport and the broader community. AAC provides information to this group regarding forthcoming plans for the future of the airport. Further information regarding the AACACG, and minutes of previous meetings, can be found by clicking here.


Further information regarding Airport Planning can be found on the Department of Infrastructure and Transport's website here.


The plan is available for download to the right of this page.


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Master Plan 2017-2037

The 2017-37 Master Plan can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnail image below:


MP 2017-37