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Fact Sheets & Technical Papers relating to the Preliminary Draft Master Plan 2011-31

AAC spent considerable time researching historical data to ensure the Airport is developed to its full potential over the course of the 20 year plan and beyond. A number of technical papers were written by experts in the aviation field, forming the basis of the planning decisions presented for public consultation in the Preliminary Draft Master Plan. In particular, the proposal to realign and relocate the grass runways. This proposal will improve the safety of flight training operations by bringing the grass runways up to ICAO standards, increasing their usability by moving them away from low lying, flood-prone areas and providing additional opportunities for aviation developments. 

A number of fact sheets were compiled to summarise the technical papers and to provide background information on the current and future expected operating conditions. These fact sheets, along with their associated technical papers, can be viewed and/or downloaded from the links below and should be read in conjunction with the Master Plan 2011-31 (available to the right of this page). The papers below have been designed to be read in sequential order.

 Fact Sheets

Associated Technical Papers



Master Plan 2011-31

Part 1: Context, vision and plans for the future


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Part 2: Environment Strategy 2011-16


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