Sunday, June 23, 2024

Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) carries out daily inspections to ensure that safe facilities are provided for aircraft using the airport.  However, there may be times when we miss something, or you discover a hazard/defect that requires immediate attention (eg fuel spill, broken drain cover etc).

You may also become aware of or be involved in an accident or incident on airport.

Accident or incidents which you are involved in or hazards or defects that you come across on the airport should be reported to Archerfield Airport Corporation as soon as possible so that the accident or incident can be investigated and repairs carried out or modifications made where a hazard exists to ensure the airport is maintained in a safe and compliant state.

In addition to accidents, incidents, hazards or defects, if you have any suggestions for improvements relating to any other operational aspect on the airport, they can be submitted through this system.

Please note that this process does not replace lease reporting obligations for tenants. The airport accident/incident/hazard reporting process must not be used for reporting of maintenance requirements covered by a lease agreement for which specific procedures are detailed in your lease.

To submit an incident/accident report, please complete the following form and forward it to AAC when complete:

Mail: PO Box 747, Archerfield 4108
Fax: 07 3275 8001
By Hand:  Top Floor, Main Terminal Building, Grenier Drive, Archerfield Airport.

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