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Media Release - AAT review of Master Plan completed (10/07/15)

A Federal Ministerial decision made in 2012 to approve the draft Archerfield Airport Master Plan 2011-2031 has been upheld following nearly three years of thorough investigation by the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

The 20-year airport plan was originally approved on 24th May 2012, however the decision was challenged by the Archerfield Airport Chamber of Commerce Incorporated (AACCI) later in the year.

Throughout the extensive review and investigation, the AAT heard from over 30 representatives of the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC), CASA, Airservices, and the applicant AACCI (the Chamber). The AAT found that the Minister’s decision to approve the airport’s 2011‑2031 master plan was the correct decision to make:

 “…I am satisfied that there is nothing of substance in the Chamber’s criticism of the Minister’s decision. I am satisfied that the decision was correct. It will be affirmed,” Deputy President, Mr P. E. Hack SC determined.

 In regards to the master plan’s proposal to realign the grass runways, he stated: “I am then satisfied that the re-alignment of the 04/22 runways will likely improve useability; it certainly will not reduce it.”  

Concerning safety on the grass runway realignment and on the airport in general, he said: .........  


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