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Master Plan - 2022

Archerfield Airport Preliminary Draft Master Plan (2022-2042)


A Preliminary Draft Master Plan (2022-2042) for the ongoing development of Archerfield Airport is now open for public comment.

The plan aims to ensure that the airport continues to evolve into a modern, world-class facility and remains the focus of general and corporate aviation in South East Queensland. The 2022-2042 Preliminary Draft Master Plan retains the core principles of the previously approved 2017 Master Plan. It has been updated and refined to recognise the range of projects that have been implemented at the airport since 2017, including:

  • the modernisation of aviation infrastructure (reconstructed, strengthened and lengthened main runway; improved lighting for the 10L/28R runway, primary taxiways and Eastern Apron; new navigation aids, upgraded and widened primary taxiways and Eastern Apron, new run-up bays) with Project AIM Stages 1-3;
  • redevelopment of Hangars 4 and 13, to provide modern aviation facilities;
  • upgrading and refurbishment of Hangar 5, and facilitating the refurbishment of Hangar 3;
  • further development of Transition Estate (including the construction of a new building on 581, and provision of additional supporting infrastructure);
  • development of additional stormwater drainage infrastructure including a new Basin 7 in the Ashover precinct; and
  • construction of Ashover Circuit and related utility services and civil works to create a series of new sites in the Ashover Precinct.

The key initiatives and major components of the 2022-2042 Preliminary Draft Master Plan and Environment Strategy also:

  • includes the proposed realignment of the secondary grass runway complex (these concepts were the subject of extensive consultation that was undertaken in the preparation of the 2011-2031 and 2017-2037 Master Plans, and involved a range of people and organisations with an interest in the future of the airport);
  • identifies the primary areas for future aviation developments; in the Wirraway precinct (adjacent to taxiway Bravo and the main runways); in the area between the Eastern Apron and Beatty Road (which has direct access to the apron, the primary taxiway system, and the main runways; and will be accessible directly from Beatty Road); in the area between taxiways Hotel and Juliet; and in multi-purpose industrial and aviation tenancies at the northern end of the Beatty precinct (with airside and ground access);
  • further refines the land use strategy for each precinct, acknowledging the changes that have been implemented in each area since 2017, identifying opportunities to respond to emerging needs, and improving the interfaces to surrounding land;
  • provides an updated assessment of heritage values, and sets out how these will be managed, drawing on the findings and recommendations of the recently completed Archerfield Airport Heritage Management Plan (2021);
  • provides updated aircraft movement figures to 2022, and forecasts to 2042;
  • includes a recently endorsed 2042 ANEF, as required under the Airports Act, and N70 mapping to assist with interpreting the pattern of noise from aircraft in flight;
  • includes updated OLS/PANS-OPS plans, consistent with the upgrading of runway 10L/28R completed for Project AIM;
  • includes updated information on the management of lighting and wildlife in the vicinity of the airport, to minimise hazards to pilots in the Archerfield airspace;
  • includes additional and updated information on ground transport including refinements to road access for the Barton and Beatty precincts, and updated information about the roads servicing the Ashover and Boundary precincts;
  • planning information has been revised, consistent with current planning strategies policies and controls reflecting State Planning Policy and Brisbane City Plan amendments; and
  • provides additional information about how AAC will manage developments and other initiatives anticipated within the first eight years of the Master Plan.


The Plan is available to download to the right of this page.

Alternatively, copies can be viewed or purchased from the AAC offices during normal business hours (08:30 to 16:30, Mon-Fri):

Top Floor Terminal Building,
Grenier Drive, Archerfield Airport Qld 4108
ph (07) 3275 8000

Additional places to view a copy of the plan.

  • Coopers Plains Library (107 Orange Grove Rd, Coopers Plains QLD 4108);
  • Mount Gravatt Library (8 Creek Rd, Mount Gravatt QLD 4122);
  • Sunnybank Hills Library (Sunnybank Hills Shopping town, 661 Compton Rd, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109); and
  • Inala Library (Inala Shopping Centre, Corsair Ave, Inala QLD 4077).


A copy of the associated media release regarding the Preliminary Draft Master Plan can be downloaded here.

A document summarising the key features of the Preliminary Draft Master Plan can be downloaded here.

The Current Approved 2017-2037 Master Plan provides the foundations that have been further refined in the development of the 2022-2042 Preliminary Draft Master Plan. The 2017 plan can be accessed here.


How to have your say 

All public input is welcome. Simply send your written comments, before the close of business on Wednesday 11th January 2023, addressed to:

The General Manager

AAC Master Plan Consultation

PO Box 747

Archerfield QLD 4108.

Alternatively, submissions can be made via the AAC Master Plan email address:


Preliminary Draft Master Plan and AES Community Drop-in Sessions

Informal community drop-in sessions will be held in the passenger lounge of the Terminal Building, as detailed below;

AAC 2022-2042 pdMP and AES drop-in sessions.
No. Date. Start time. End time. Location.
1. Tuesday 13th December 2022 08:30 13:30 Archerfield Airport Passenger lounge, Terminal Building, Greiner Drive, Archerfield Airport, 4108
2. Thursday 15th December 2022 14:00 19:00

The drop-in sessions are open to community members who have queries or wish to discuss pdMP and AES. Registration is not required 

Master Plan 2022-2042

The 2022-42 Master Plan can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnail image below:

MP 2022-42