Friday, December 01, 2023

Pilot Briefing

Archerfield Airport (ICAO: YBAF  - 27°34′13″S 153°00′29″E) is Brisbane's secondary airport and is located just 11kms (6.8 miles) south-west of the city's Central Business District.  Click here to view the airport on Google Maps.

**Attention all Archerfield Airport Manoeuvring Area users**

Runway crossing clearance by ATC at YBAF (Archerfield), is  required prior to crossing the approach to 10L on the western loop taxiway. Movement Area Guidance Signs (MAGS) indicating A6 or B6 are installed.

Runway crossing clearance by ATC at  YBAF (Archerfield), is  required prior to crossing 04R/22L and 04L/22R on Taxiway B.

NOTAM (C0150/13) is issued to advise pilots of the new procedures regarding the Clearway (RESA) crossing requirements, additionally the reassigned taxiway designators will be amended in forthcoming ERSA and DAPs publications. The YBAF Movement Area drawing indicates amended taxiway designators.

Further information can be found in the following document.


ATS communications facilities

ATIS    120.9  
TWR    118.1  (10L/28R & 04R/22L) 
     123.6  (10R/28L & 04L/22R)
SMC    119.9  
FIA    125.7  On ground outside TWR HR
PAL+AFRU 118.1  


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