Monday, May 27, 2024

Media Release - Transition Website Launch (28/09/12)

Marketing for TRANSITION Archerfield Logistics Estate, a 24ha ‘green’ masterplanned estate in the much sought-after Acacia Ridge/Archerfield area, stepped up a notch this week with the launch of a dedicated website.


The website ( provides masterplan details and leasing information about the estate, now undergoing initial infrastructure works, at the northwest end of Archerfield Airport fronting Boundary Road. The area being developed, formerly an under-utilised part of the airport, has been earmarked for future aviation and non-aviation development on General Industry-zoned land for a number of years.


Brisbane City Council has identified Archerfield as a strategically important area for future industry, owing to its location within the South West Industrial Gateway and its proximity to the nearby Intermodal Rail Freight Terminal at Acacia Ridge......


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