Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Archerfield Airport Preliminary Draft Master Plan (2017-2037)

A Preliminary Draft Master Plan (2017-2037) for the ongoing development of Archerfield Airport was open for public comment from 9th November 2016 through to 17th February 2017. AAC would like to thank those who were involved throughout the process and also to those who made submissions on the future of Archerfield Airport. AAC is now in the process of reviewing those submissions and will alter the Preliminary Draft Master Plan accordingly prior to submission of the Draft Master Plan to the Minister for infrastructure and Transport in the coming few months.

The Plan aims to ensure that the airport continues to evolve into a modern, world-class facility and remains the focus of general and corporate aviation in South East Queensland. The 2017 plan is fundamentally consistent with the current approved (2011 - 2031) plan with some further refinements, including: 

  • The master plan and environment strategy are now a single report, removing duplication and aligning documentation with 2010 amendments to the Airports Act.

  • Planning information has been revised, consistent with current planning strategies, policies and controls, reflecting State Planning Policy and Brisbane City Plan amendments.

  • Additional information about ground transport includes details of anticipated traffic generation from airport developments in the initial planning period; anticipated works to provide safe and efficient access to airport developments; other opportunities to improve the adjacent road network (to cater for increased traffic); and opportunities to integrate City Plan bicycle routes.

  • A Brisbane City Council/State Government proposal to relink Boundary Road across the middle of the airport (as it previously existed and as foreshadowed in previous master plans) has been removed. This work is no longer required following the creation of Barton Street.


The plan is available for download to the right of this page in both high and low resolution versions.


Alternatively, copies can be viewed or purchased from the AAC offices during normal business hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri):

Top Floor Terminal Building,
Grenier Drive, Archerfield Airport Qld 4108
ph (07) 3275 8000


A copy of the associated media release regarding the Preliminary Draft Master Plan can be downloaded from here.

A document summarising the key features of the Preliminary Draft Master Plan can be downloaded from here.

The current approved 2011-2031 Master Plan provides the foundations that have been further refined in the development of the 2017-2037 Preliminary Draft Master Plan. The 2011 Plan, along with associated technical studies, can be accessed here.



Master Plan 2017-2037

The Preliminary Draft Master Plan can be downloaded by clicking on one of the thumbnail images below:


PDMP High Resolution

High resolution (33Mb)



PDMP Low Resolution

Low resolution (8Mb)