Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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On-Airport Development

An occupier of Archerfield Airport is obligated under the Airports Act to gain all necessary approvals for building and construction work prior to the commencement of the work. Both the Government Airport Building Controller (ABC) and Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) must be notified. This process ensures all works are consistent with the Airport Master Plan, the future planning objectives of AAC, the current infrastructure and operations of the airport and the Building Code of Australia.

This includes all building activities/development and other construction activities including alterations to hangars or buildings. Minor alterations and repairs do not require formal application but must be brought to the attention of AAC and the ABC. A permit to commence works (PERCOW) approval and induction by AAC is required before commencing works. A Certificate of Compliance from the ABC must be gained prior to occupying and/or using a building following any works.

AAC induction:

AAC forms:

(NOTE: We recommend that you read the Building Activity/Development Approval Process Flow Chart first)


ABC application form

The Department has implemented a new web-based system to replace the current paper-based process for applying and obtaining approval for all building activities on federally leased airports. The new system is called Airport Building Control Online, or ABCO.

Some of the current building activity application information has been migrated into ABCO, and all future actions will occur in the new system.

To submit a new application, you will need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Access ABCO via this link
  • At the bottom of the Login screen, select "New User?  Click here"
  • Enter your details as required. You will need your organisation’s ABN to complete this part of the process


AAC Fee Structure:

Estimated Cost of Building/Development Activity AAC Application Fee (ex GST)
Under $10,000 $150
$10,000 - $100,000 $300
Over $100,000 $500 + 0.1% of the balance in excess of $100,000


Below is a list of the current building applications for Archerfield Airport published in accordance with the requirements of r2.04A and r2.04B of the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996.


Name of applicant

If AAC is the applicant, date of submission to ABC

If AAC is not the applicant, date AAC received the application

Description of proposed building activity

Location on Airport

AAC decision (consent, refusal)


ABC decision (consent, refusal, deemed refusal, withdrawal)


V Squared Helicopter



Interior offices & amenities

Hangar 219, Qantas Drive

Consent granted


ABC RFI issued 18/04/10






Blgd modifications, Civil works, Internal hangar fit-out Site 676  Consent Granted




 Building Approval Issued

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3 


N/A 30/06/17 Install of water tanks and pad Site 673 Consent Granted  12/07/17  Building Approval Issued   11/10/17

Brisbane Aero

N/A 04/07/17 Demolition of structures Site 108 / 109  Consent Granted 28/08/17  Demolition Authorisation   04/10/17


03/07/18 N/A Barton Rd Landside/ Airside Security Fencing Barton Rd N/A N/A