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The Airports Act 1996 (the Act) establishes the framework for the regulation of leased Federal airports such as Archerfield Airport. The regulation for environment management is the Airport (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997. Where Commonwealth legislation is silent, State law applies.
The Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport (the Department) is the Commonwealth agency responsible for administering the Act and Regulations.
To regulate the environmental standards set out in Part 6 of the Act and associated regulations, the Department has appointed an Airport Environment Officer (AEO) for Archerfield Airport. Contact details for the AEO can be found here.


Airport Environment Strategy 2011-2016

In Accordance with the Act, Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) has implemented its Airport Environment Strategy 2011-2016 (AES). The AES identifies the environment protection issues that relate to Archerfield Airport and the actions and procedures that will be followed to ensure that the environment is restored and managed appropriately.  All operators on the airport, including AAC, have an obligation to comply with the AES, the Act and Regulations.
The AES also sets out the responsibilities of AAC and its tenants.
AAC manages its responsibilities in a number of ways including working with the airport community to ensure that compliance is being achieved. This is done by assessing the operations of new tenants/operators, carrying out routine environmental inspections to review existing tenant’s environmental management practises, inspecting the sites when tenants vacate and assisting tenants wherever possible to achieve good environmental outcomes.
A summary of the responsibilities tenants have to ensure that the environment is protected can be found in a fact sheet which is available on this website via the link below:

Further information regarding the AES 2011-2016 can be found here.


Environmental Management Plan

Tenants are also required to produce an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) which sets out how the operator manages its business to ensure the environment is protected.  The process of developing an EMP provides the operator with an opportunity to analyse and assess its business practises, provides a basis on which to measure its environmental performance and is a useful tool for staff training.
For details on what an EMP should contain, a fact sheet has been developed and is available via the link below:


Reporting Requirements

Tenants are required to report any environmental incidents including spills to AAC by contacting AAC’s Environmental Representative on 07 3275 8021.


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